Al Bahyah kitesurfing spot

Al Bahyah is a great kitesurfing spot in United Arab Emirates. This spot has predominant winds from North and West.

You can get the most out of this location if you travel from September to May when the winds are ideal for kitesurfing.

This kitesurfing spot has areas with shallow water. Water conditions might vary from chop water to small waves.

Wind forecast in Al Bahyah

Al Bahyah has areas with shallow water.

Learning in shallow water is faster than learning in deep water. When you fall, getting back on your board is easier and less energy consuming. It is likely that you won't even need to do any body dragging to get your board back. When you start kiteboarding in shallow water, you will be able to spend more time on the water since you will require less energy.

If you throw yourself in deep water, the waves might constantly change your body position . Fighting against the waves to get the water start position will tire you out after few attempts. You may want to consider to returning to shore at that point.

When practising in deep water,some kitesurfing schools offer lessons with an instructor following you on a jetski. Sometimes it might happen that the wind pushes you offshore, where there are often more and bigger waves. One of the primary advantages of having your instructor around with you is that they can give you a ride to get you closer to the shore, where water is usually in better conditions

This usually increases the price of the course. Starting on flat shallow water will be less tiring, you will be able to navigate sooner, reducing frustration and saving money.

Historic wind data in Al Bahyah