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  • Y strap config

  • Cork dampening

  • 3 fins

  • Position Indicators

  • Bamboo Sandwich

  • Hydrofoil

    A unique design of lifting surfaces to allow boards to rise above the waters surface and move with minimal drag and maximum efficiency.


  • 1. CNC milled A-grade Paulownia wood core

    The Paulownia wood core delivers stiff and responsive board feedback and comes with outstanding longevity.

  • 2. Full deck pad made of EVA

    Kite-specific high-density EVA foam ensures a slip-proof grip and high riding comfort.

  • 3. ABS rails

    The sturdy box rails optimize the deck’s stiffness and low rail profile. Furthermore, they protect the board from wear and tear.

  • 4. Biaxial and UD Carbon

    The feather-light biaxial and unidirectional carbon, angled at 0° and 45°, creates the board’s stiff flex pattern that ensures direct board feedback.

  • 5. Heavy-duty inserts

    Reinforced boxes with inserts allow different strap set-ups. They are made to withstand hard crashes.

  • 6. UV and abrasion resistant bottom sheet

    For the highest performance and longevity, we installed an abrasion resistant base that also withstands the harsh combination of UV light and saltwater.

  • 7. 4 x 4 track mount system

    The smart 4 x 4 mounting system creates a secure connection between mast and board. It also allows adjusting the position of the foil to personal preferences.

  • 8. Ergonomically designed foot straps

    Lightweight, comfortable, and easy to adjust – our ergonomic foot straps provide a sure footing without compromise. The straps are not included in our delivery and have to be ordered separately.

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