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  • Wood Core

    We use a premium “A-grade” Paulownia wood core which is vertically laminated to optimize strength, reduce weight and allow the board to flex more naturally and freely. Found in all 2019 models.

  • Carbon Fiber

    Customized double 45 degree bias Carbon Fiber is a lightweight and durable laminate that maximizes performance by stiffening the flex pattern for increased response and explosive pop.

  • ABS Rails

    ABS is a tough hard wearing composite material which bonds very well to epoxy. This is used during the lay-up process ensuring a smooth, durable and consistent ride. All twin tip rails and insert blocks are made from ABS material.

  • Geometric stringer

  • Y strap config

  • Position Indicators

  • Hydrofoil

    A unique design of lifting surfaces to allow boards to rise above the waters surface and move with minimal drag and maximum efficiency.


  • 1. High density EPS core

    Super light EPS foam core with long lasting durability.

  • 2. Composite Vacuum Sandwich Construction

    The progressive CVC construction allows us to shape the lightest, yet most durable boards.

  • 3. Wood compression deckskin

    A light Bamboo layer creates a shook-proof resistant stance area to absorb almost any impact.

  • 4. High density PVC foam

    The front foot area is reinforced with PVC foam to enhances the board’s durability at points of high stress.

  • 5. Reinforced Futures fin Box

    The board comes with the proven Futures fin system, which we integrated using extra-strong PVC foam for longevity.

  • 6. Full Carbon layer on bottom

    The 6 oz carbon layer on the bottom generates the ideal balance of flex and stiffness.

  • 7. EVA Tail and front pad

    Kite-specific high-density EVA foam pads ensure slip-proof grip and high riding comfort.

  • 8. Carbon tail patch

    The back foot area is reinforced with a strong carbon patch to protect the tail from heel pressure and ensure longevity.

  • 9. HPF thruster fins

    The HPF thruster set-up is designed for fast, high performance kitesurfing, guaranteeing a unique blend of speed, drive, and release.

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